09-05-2017 Work on South Side "High Line" at historic terminal gets boost from $15 million in tax credits
A local developer has been awarded $15 million in new markets tax credits  to help finance a major overhaul of a historic cargo warehouse on the South  Side.  Downtown-based McKnight Realty Partners is using the money to help convert  vacant floors at the River Walk Corporate Centre into creative office space...  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

08-27-2017 Grant intended to spur Allegheny Co. landlords to accept 'high-risk' tenants
Allegheny County received a state grant to reimburse landlords for damage  to properties rented by “high-risk tenants.”  The $50,000 grant, administered by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency,  is intended to encourage landlords to rent to tenants with criminal...  - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

08-24-2017 Old Morningside Public School to become housing for seniors by next August
By this time next year, Morningside will have 46 new housing units, 13 in  the former Morningside Public School and 33 in a new building being built  on the school’s parking lot.  This is good news in a tight housing market, and the neighborhood is eager  to see new life in the school, which closed 11 years ago, said Ben Kelley,...  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

08-20-2017 Bulova building project gets additional $10M in tax credits
The project to renovate the former Bulova building in downtown Lancaster  has secured a second batch of federal tax credits, bringing the sum of  those types of funds up to $18 million.  Commonwealth Cornerstone Group, a nonprofit organization under the  Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, has transferred $10 million in New...  - Lancaster Intelligencer Journal

08-09-2017 Column: Employer-assisted housing programs offer a solution to tight housing market
Nearly one in three families in Lancaster County has difficulty finding and  keeping housing it can afford. But some employers may offer a solution.  Data from the most recent Prosperity Indicators Report for Lancaster County  indicates that 29 percent of local homeowners with a mortgage spend 30...  - Lancaster Intelligencer Journal

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