Sunday, December 8, 2019



Do you follow Pennsylvania State Government? 
Do you want the latest news, tailored to your needs, effortlessly delivered to your computer?



Pennsylvania Legislative Services's Commonwealth Clips is Pennsylvania’s best online state government news and information service!

Commonwealth Clips allows you to search the media, receive real time alerts, create great looking newsletters, and professional looking reports -- all with just the click of your mouse. 

PLS covers more than 150 state and national, daily and national, newspapers starting at 5:00 a.m., so you have the information at the start of your day. This powerful media tool will allow you to retrieve and manage media information appearing in Pennsylvania and national newspapers specific to your needs on government issues. The clips can also be set to search through all of PLS’s legislative committee stories, public hearing reviews, press conferences, and the weekly Pennsylvania Bulletin summaries written by PLS staff.

Be alerted whenever you wish: immediately, or every 2, 4, 8 or 24 hours. Never be caught unaware! 

Commonwealth Clips is so easy to use; just a few quick steps and you're ready to go. Why pay for a high priced service or one that only covers the major papers? Commonwealth Clips can provide greatly expanded coverage for much less. Just call the PLS Team at 717-236-6984 to try it out for free. No hassles, just the news you need delivered to you -- when you want it, where you want it!