Tuesday, December 11, 2018

PA Transportation Recap

PLS’s newest publication, Transportation Recap, will keep you up-to-date on regulatory, legislative and executive actions taken to address our state’s transportation needs. We cover it all, including, but not limited to:
· Notification of every transportation bill introduced with summaries
· All committee actions taken on those bills
· Detailed comprehensive summaries of committee meetings and public hearings
· All related floor actions
· Actions taken by the Governor
· Upcoming committee meeting agendas
· Press conference review stories

The Transportation Recap is a weekly publication delivered directly to your email at the end of the day every Friday. No effort is needed on your part! Click here to subscribe today, and let PLS be your bridge to Pennsylvania’s transportation issues.


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Transportation Recap is a publication of Pennsylvania Legislative Services.
Transportation Recap is for educational purposes only, to give the reader general information on pertinent topics; it does not provide legal or tax advice. For subscription information contact Pennsylvania Legislative Services at (717) 236-6984 or mypls@mypls.com

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