PLS2GO is our on-the-go service that takes the legislature to where you are not just where your computer is.

PLS2GO is specifically designed to work on smart phones and mobile PDA devices as it has been optimized to speed up download times by removing and reducing large graphics.

PLS2GO keeps you informed where you are because it is impossible to watch both the House and Senate, fifteen plus different committee rooms, the governor's office, and visit the bill room simultaneously.

PLS2GO is designed to address your needs from the moment you leave your home or office in the morning until you return at the end of the day. Some of the features offered are:

  • Bill Information, Text & History
    • Legislator Information
    • Committee Information
    • Hearings & Meeting Schedules
    • Committee News Stories
    • House & Senate Calendars
    • New Bills Filed
    • Announcements
    • Track Alerts on Your Key Bills

During legislative session you can't afford to be away from the activity and expect to be effective. PLS2Go keeps you current, wherever you are.

On your handheld device go to www.pls2go.com to log in with your user name and password, or contact PLS at 717-236-6984 or mypls@mypls.com for more information.




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