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01-18-2013 - 17:02:25

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HB 12   Frankel, Dan (PN 76) Amends Titles 74 (Transportation) and 75 (Vehicles) by amending Title 74 to further provide for definitions and to no longer require certain project undertaken by the Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to be approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Also allows unexpended funds to not lapse if not spent in the fiscal year in which they were appropriated and be used until they are completely expended. Increases certain amounts to be used for funding of PennDOT operations. Requires the department to prove matching funds by June 30 of the fiscal year in question or subsequent funding shall be with held. Unless a waiver is granted by the department, public funds shall be used only for the original purpose of the funds. Details regarding the waiver are provided. Further allows the department to study the consolidation or merger of local transportation organizations as a way of reducing expenses. Funding for incentivizing consolidation or merger is provided for. Also details funding formulas and how funds are to be distributed. Further provides for funding assistance for local transportation organizations and their projects, including matching amounts of non-federal money. Amends Title 75 by repealing section 8915.6 (Deposit and distribution of funds).
Printer Number(s): P0076 
Bill History: 01-11-13 H Filed
01-14-13 H Introduced and referred to committee on House Transportation

HB 27   Marsico, Ron (PN 7) Amends Title 18 (Crimes) providing for the grading of the offense of harassment and increasing the grading by one offense if the violation is made in defiance of a protection from abuse order.
Companions: HCO 165 ()
Printer Number(s): P0007 
Bill History: 01-03-13 H Filed
01-04-13 H Introduced and referred to committee on House Judiciary

HB 28   Marsico, Ron (PN 8) Amends Title 42 (Judiciary) to further define "municipal police officer" to include those police officers that must receive Municipal Police Officer Training and Education.
Companions: HCO 166 ()
Printer Number(s): P0008 
Bill History: 01-03-13 H Filed
01-04-13 H Introduced and referred to committee on House Judiciary

HB 29   Gingrich, Mauree (PN 9) The Home and Community-Based Services Accountability Act requires area agencies on aging providing services under a waiver to retain overall responsibility to ensure that care management of consumers is competently provided to consumers in accordance with department standards and the care plan. A care plan shall include provisions for a private, physical, face-to-face home visit by the care manager with the consumer. Care plans shall be reviewed annually. The bill subjects certain employees of providers to criminal background checks and communicable disease screenings. No employee or other individual shall restrict or prevent a consumer's access to local telephone service. The bill also requires recordkeeping and prohibits certain financial interests.
Companions: HCO 195 ()
Printer Number(s): P0009 
Bill History: 01-03-13 H Filed
01-04-13 H Introduced and referred to committee on House Aging and Older Adult Services

HB 48   Bloom, Stephen (PN 36) Amends the Tax Reform Code to detail certain business and real estate transfers not subject to tax. The asset remains tax free only so long as used for its original tax exempt purpose and the legislation requires the owner of the asset to annually certify to the Department of Revenue that the asset still maintains that purpose.
Companions: HB 2639 (Refiled from 11R Session)
HCO 132 ()
Printer Number(s): P0036 
Bill History: 01-09-13 H Filed
01-10-13 H Introduced and referred to committee on House Finance
01-22-13 H Meeting set for 9:45 a.m., Room 60, East Wing House Finance

HB 166   Harhai, Ted
Act relating to the rights of purchasers and lessees of defective recreational vehicles.
Bill History: 01-17-13 H Filed

HCO 369   Godshall, Robert
Extends act that encourages and further makes possible the donation of organ and bone marrow from living donors.
Companions: HB 46 ()
Bill History: 01-03-13 H Filed

HCO 526   Thomas, Curtis
Creates a statewide Surety Bond Guarantee Program within the Department of Community and Economic Development.
Bill History: 01-09-13 H Filed

HCO 766   Keller, Fred
Defines "willfull misconduct" and "voluntary quit" in the State's Unemployment Compensation law.
Bill History: 01-15-13 H Filed

HCO 767   Stevenson, Dick
Permits schools to obtain a prescription from a physician for an epinephrine auto injector "EpiPen."
Bill History: 01-15-13 H Filed

HCO 769   Toepel, Marcy
Directs the PA Commission on Sentencing to provide for a sentencing enhancement for the offense of child pornography.
Bill History: 01-15-13 H Filed

HCO 772   Mustio, Mark
Directs the Dept. of Health to revise regulations for public facilities in support of nanotechnology and other non-toxic means to control compounds causing obnoxious odors.
Bill History: 01-15-13 H Filed

SB 71   Washington, LeAnna (PN 68) Amends the Older Adults Protective Services Act amending the definition of "facility" to include an individual who provides care, other than an immediate family member who does not receive a state reimbursement for care in or out of the individual's home. Also amends section 502 relating to information relating to prospective facility personnel by requiring an applicant to provide the required information under section 502 be obtained within the preceding three month period. Also requires the submission of a full set of fingerprints in a manner prescribed by the department.
Companions: SCO 39 ()
Remarks: This is a good bill for us if.....
Printer Number(s): P0068 
Bill History: 01-14-13 S Filed
01-14-13 S Introduced and referred to committee on Senate Aging and Youth

SB 96   Greenleaf, Stewart (PN 60) Amends the Police Officer, Firefighter, Correction Employee and National Guard Member Child Beneficiary Act extending benefits to surviving spouses of emergency medical services personnel, state parole agents, county probation and parole officers, sheriffs, and deputy sheriffs. The act is retroactive to January 1, 2013, and the benefit provided shall be available to qualified surviving spouses of police officers, firefighters, emergency medical services personnel, correction employees, state parole agents, county probation and parole officers, sheriffs, and deputy sheriffs and National Guard members of Pennsylvania killed in the performance of their duties since that date. No community college, state-owned or state-related institution shall reimburse qualified surviving spouses for tuition and fees or room and board charges paid between January 1, 2013, and the effective date of the paragraph.
Companions: SCO 59 ()
Printer Number(s): P0060 
Bill History: 01-09-13 S Filed
01-09-13 S Introduced and referred to committee on Senate Education

SR 4   Kitchen, Shirley (PN 4) Resolution designating the week of January 21 through 27, 2013, as "Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday Week."
Printer Number(s): P0004 
Bill History: 01-01-13 S Filed
01-01-13 S Introduced and adopted

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